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Near Mostar is a small historical town Počitelj


Mostar is a city in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and it is on UNESCO‘s list of protected and significant monuments in the world.

The Mostar Old bridge is the most famous cultural monument in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which was destroyed during the war (1990s) and after reconstructed. Mostar was under the Osman influence during history so you can see monuments from that era. There are many attractions to see in Mostar besides The Old bridge, such as jumping from The old bridge to very cold, not so deep river Neretva, many moschees, totally different coast sides of Neretva in Mostar, one side is catholic and the other Muslim, giving one of a kind situation and architecture in the world. In Mostar you can try the best Bosnian cuisine, genuine food like it was made in history.

Near Mostar is a small historical town Počitelj which is also on UNESCO‘s list of protected and significant monuments in the world. It was founded in 15-th century and was under Osman empire for a long time. Blagaj is also a historical place you can see on this route, fort on river Neretva was built in 14th century.

On this route you can visit Kravice waterfalls situated around 20 km from Mostar, spectacular colours and nature.

Also, on this route it‘s possible to stop in Ston on your way to or back to Mostar. Ston is an old city on Pelješac peninsula surrounded with world‘s 2-nd longest city walls (after The Great Wall of China) and with the oldest saltern in Europe. In Ston you can try the best oysters and other shells in Croatia right at the place they‘re grown.

This tour can also be combined with Medjugorje tour.

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